Various Types of Lighting Used For Chroma Key Photography

Chroma Key photography is an advanced and modified form of digital photography. It is another form of photography that enables the photographer to change the images as per the requirement. There are several tips and tricks to make effective use of the photography. A photographer can make effective use this kind of digital photography. In this form of photography, you can replace the background of the subject with any other selected image. One can use this technique by deploying lighting system effectively. A proper use of the lighting system can produce impressive images.There are few basic ways of lighting the studio while using Chroma Key photography. A photographer should light the subject and the background to generate good results. The three point lighting is the basic form of lighting mainly used by the photographers. The three point lighting consists of key light, fill light and back light.The key light is the basic light that is used to illuminate the studio, subject as well as the background.
The fill light is useful in covering the shadows that appear on the face and clothes of the subject.
The back light is also called rim light or hair light.This light is used to distinguish the subject from the background. These three lights are essential to create good photography. A photographer can also use accessory lights to create effects on the photograph. Accessory lights can create visual effects on the photograph. The butterfly lighting can give soft effects to the appearance of the subject. There are other types of lighting that can make the photograph emphatic and impressive. Kicker light can also highlight the chin bone and ear of the subject to avoid shadows.However, this light should not be brighter than the fill light otherwise it might cause glare on the face of the subject in the photograph. You can also make use of umbrella and fix it somewhere over the head of the subject. This gives multi-colored effect on the subject in the photograph.Proper lighting can create mesmerizing and striking images. Using various forms of lighting in this advanced form of digital photography helps you in making attractive images.

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